Exam Services

New patient consultation                                         £60
Exam 15 minutes                                                       £42
Exam including Scale & Polish (with dentist)         £59
Small Radiograph                                                       £8.50 per film

Hygienist Services

Routine Hygienist appointment                               £42
Extended Hygienist appointments from                £61.50
Full mouth Periodontal treatment                          £338


Amalgam Fillings from                                               £75
Composite (white) Fillings from                               £75
Glass lonomer Fillings from                                      £80

Root canal treament

Incisor/Canine                                                             £285
Premolar                                                                      £310
Molar                                                                            £445


Basic extraction                                                          £96
Surgical extractoin                                                     £220

Crown and Bridge services

Emax Crown                                                               £485
Gold Crown                                                                £550
Porcelain Bonded Crown                                         £500
Porcelain Bonded Bridge                                         £380 per unit
Maryland Bridge from                                              £550


Acrylic Denture Full/Full                                           £1300
Partial Acrylic Denture                                             £335 – £530
Chrome Denture Upper or Lower                         £925 per arch


Teeth Whitening                                                       £350 – £600



The above fees are for general guidence. A detailed treatment plan will be given following examination.

We carry out some NHS care at the practice for patients already registered at the practice. Costs for NHS care are charged in 3 bands, which are displayed in the practice. Contact us for more details.